Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Last Heist, Dog Day Afternoon goes Slasher

A gang of machine-gun wielding  bank robbers, a beautiful detective played by a favorite of this blog (Victoria Pratt of Mongolian Death Worm ), a hostage stand-off, and a serial killer who collects the eyeballs of his victims....yes! Lots of gory deaths dot this demented version of 'Dog Day Afternoon.' 2016's "The Last Heist" is more horror story than crime thriller, thanks to a serial killer who makes Dexter look like a mere jaywalker.
As far as plot...there's a lot here.  Paul (Torrance Combs) leads a well-armed militant group on a raid of a bank.  Taking hostages of the employees and customers, the group seeks to clean out the safety deposit boxes.  Uh-oh...the bank holds money from "The Cartel." Double uh-oh, cleaning out his box is a serial killer (Henry Rollins).  This fiend collects the eyeballs of his victims and stores them in his safety deposit box.  Paul's group seems to be made up of war-vets and a couple of them are quite attractive, including another one of this blog's favorite actresses, Kristina Klebe of  Killer Mermaid . As our gang ties up their hostages, Tracey (Klebe) is sent to open the boxes.  Oh no...the sultry Tracey will have her arteries slashed and eyeballs removed by our monster.
The bank's assistant manager, Danny (Michael Aaron Milligan) manages to notify 9-1-1, and Detective Pascal (Pratt) responds with two uniforms.  Now a stand-off ensues and Paul and his group realize they are being hunted and dissected  by our antagonist.  But wait...guess who show up? The feds...or peeps saying they are the feds...might they be "The Cartel"?  As eyeballs roll and blood spurts inside the bank, our mysterious feds plan a tactical entry.  Do you think this will go well?  The lovely Detective Pasacal realizes that the feds may not be legit, and must now act very carefully.  But wait...again!  Are there more bad guys than meet the still attached eyeball?  Not everyone is who he/she appears to be.
Will our heavily armed invaders prevail against the gruesome psychopath?  Will the lovely Detective Pascal survive the serial killer, the armed robbers, and the nefarious feds?  Are our robbers merely a Robin Hood type gang looking to rip-off the cartels, or are they just as evil?  Fast moving, gory to the max, and full of twists, director Mike Mendez has put together a neat horror/crime thriller.  Of course, kudos to the cast, who did a fine job.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to "The Last Heist."

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  1. Nice review Christopher I watched this a couple of years back as part of an annual online October challenge & quite enjoyed it for what it was, definitely one of the more solid lo fi/budgeted horrors out there. Thanks also for the heads up I'd no idea they made a film about the Mongolian Death Worm lol. :D