Friday, August 19, 2016

Rush Week, Booze, Dope and Bimbos....and an Ax Fiend

Booze Dope Bimbos....Beta Delta Beta, actually. The nickname is well deserved. During rush week at Tambers College, our fraternity will demonstrate why they keep getting de-certified by the college administration.  Oh addition to bad behavior, usually involving naked bimbos and cadavers, an ax murderer will chop up the sexiest coeds at this college. In 1989's "Rush Week" we will see lots of murders, naked coeds, and lots of gratuitous scenes concerning either a shower or nudes posing with corpses.
BDB is back. Lude, insensitive, and criminal, can a fraternity change it's stripes. No.  Hunk Jeff (Dean Hamilton) is the chapter president and his boys are steeped in pranks.  Oh yes, some shapely babes have gone missing (code for 'chopped up by a battle-ax').  Most notably, Julie.  Julie (Kathleen Kinment, once married to Lorenzo Lamas).  She is a model and met her demise after a photo shoot in which she posed nude with a med school cadaver.  The subsequent victims followed the same path. On the case is school reporter, Toni (Pamela Ludwig).  Assigned to do a story on rush week (yawn), she decides to investigate the missing coeds, instead. The pretty Toni quickly receives cryptic threats, but she pushes forward and develops some great suspects.
Uh oh....Toni falls in love with her #1 suspect, Jeff. A handsome guy, but he seems to disappear before each murder.  Oh must overlook certain homicidal behavior when love comes knocking.  Besides, this photographer (John Donovan) is a better suspect.  The models are all murdered moments after their photo-shoots.  Then there is the college dean (Roy Thinnes). He is a bit puritanical and doesn't appreciate pornography or beautiful coeds.  As Toni snoops, the killer begins stalking her.  After Toni confesses her love to Jeff, the handsome senior gets really weird.  Being the aggressive cub reporter that she is, Toni draws the attention of an amorous Jeff, the Dean, and the photographer...and they all converge on her.
Will Toni be able to get her story and live to write another one?  Are our suspects too easy, and might Toni be in for the surprise of her life...or death?  Is our fiend a bloodthirsty killer or a crusader against drugs, nudity and pre-marital sex on college campuses? Directed by Bob Bralver, who did stunt work in "Road House," "Rush Week" is a lot of fun and available on YouTube.  Made several years after "Animal House," BDB makes the Delta House seem like a house of worship.

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