Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Giant From the Unknown, Finally a Good Giant Film

We haven't had a good Giant film in a long time....decades!  Steven Spielberg's Big Friendly Giant film is the newest one, and is a mere insult to anyone with a brain.  So let us return to 1958, when evil conquistadors were still on everyone's mind (...or was that Communists?) and take a look at "Giant From the Unknown."
A California mountain town is being terrorized by someone or something.  The cattle and stray hikers have been ripped apart by some fiend.  Sheriff Parker (Bob Steele), who never met a constitutional right he didn't harpoon, suspects Wayne (Ed Kemmer).  Wayne, a geologist, studies rocks in the mountains and hangs out in the areas of the mutilations.  Wayne's luck changes when his old archaeologist professor, Professor Cleveland (Morros Ankrum), and his sultry daughter, Janet (Sally Fraser) hit town.  After the sheriff yells at them, they befriend Wayne.  Of course Wayne and the statuesque Janet fall in love.  Cleveland believes the remains of an old Spanish conquistador lay in those mountains.  Seems this conquistador was a giant and was known by the Indians as The Diablo Giant.
As Wayne and Janet get closer and even exchange spit, the trio head into the mountains.  Uh oh, the giant isn't dead and has been awakened from suspended animation by a lightning strike. After our giant rips apart some more townspeople, it gets a glimpse of Janet in her state of nudity.  This is too much for the centuries old maniac, and he sets off to abduct the nubile beauty. The massive giant lets nothing stand in his way of his new found lust.  As posses and other poor saps are destroyed by this thing, Wayne must put aside his interest in rocks and don his knight in shining armor persona.
Will our giant be destroyed by his forbidden love?  Will the precocious Janet learn to keep her clothes on when camping in cursed grounds?  Will the Department of Justice impose a consent decree on Sheriff Parker?  Save yourself some hard earned cash and avoid the newest Spielberg garbage.  Instead, enjoy a classic story of boy meets girl, complicated by a lustful monster story.  "Giant From the Unknown" is available on YouTube.

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