Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blood Frenzy, Is Wednesday a Damsel or a Psycho?

Remember Wednesday (Lisa Loring) from "The Addams Family"?  Strange doubt. Do you ever wonder what kind of adult she grew into?  Probably still strange.  Pessimistic. Critical. Easily excitable.  Psycho?  Who knows.  Well, 1987's "Blood Frenzy" gives us the answer.  In a very well acted, and gory slasher film, an all grown up Lisa Loring turns in a fine performance.
Okay...stupid idea #74....take your psychotic patients into the desert for a 'confrontation encounter session.' Not the stupidest idea of all time, and for a slasher film...why not?  The lovely Dr. Shelley (Wendy MacDonald) brings the PTSD, insane war-vet Rick (Tony Montero), the nymphomaniac nude skydiver Cassie (Lisa Savage), the alcoholic Crawford (John Clark), the grouchy lesbian Dory (Loring), Dave the pervert (Hank Garrett)and the frightened Jean (Monica Silveria) on this retreat.  The therapy will include yelling a each other,  except for Cassie.  Cassie will have sex with as many patients as she can, including Dory. What could go wrong?
The slashings begin. As Dory yells at everyone, Dave wakes up...or doesn't wake up...with his throat cut.  Our encounter group believes they are all alone in the desert...but are they? Everyone suspects Rick, the PTSD patient who keeps talking about his buddies who he saw blown up in Nam. For fun, the group yells "Incoming!" and watch him dive for cover.  As the throat slashings continue, and our group whittles down in number, Cassie begins seducing the females.  Everyone seems to have what it takes to be the homicidal maniac, except sweet Jean.  Uh oh....that either means Jean is next....or possibly the killer. As paranoia sets in, it is apparent that one of the group members is the killer...but how about Dr. Shelley?
Is our group really alone in the desert?  Is one of our psychos a psycho?  Will our nude skydiver, Cassie, finish this film in one piece (....that's an easy one, I'm afraid).  Directed by Hal Freeman, this is a terrific slasher film.  The ending has some semi-standard twists, but it is a lot of fun.  Available on YouTube, treat yourself to "Blood Frenzy" and see what became of Wednesday after she became an adult.

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