Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gene, Psychopath in the Family

Today we take a look at another short film from England....2016's "Gene." In this one, lasting almost 11 minutes, be prepared to end your viewing experience feeling most uncomfortable.  Sure, a child with homicidal tendencies does this to us, however, this horror story is much more.  Every second of Nicholas Marc Padley's film has us expecting carnage and gore to suddenly pop out at us. Mind you, I'm not saying it will, but every second of this work has us on edge and expectant.
Brief on the plot, Gene (Jack Maw) is a fine looking lad that appears to be filled with evil. He has that look that says he wants to separate you from your know that look. that is horrific enough, and in a 11 minute film, is there room for anymore?  Conventional wisdom says no...but in "Gene," there is much more. As our title character lurks, it is easy to see that everyone he meets is potential prey.  But wait!  Is Gene our only monster in this work?  As Gene's mother (Emma Wise) has a chat with Gene's school principal, we realize that something awful is about to happen. A short look at Gene and his mom's backstory help us realize this.
Every sentence uttered in this film is a building block to a terrifying conclusion.  A child psycho in the making? Too easy. Throw in another taboo or two, and "Gene" is a film that will leave you agape. This work is sure to rack up the honors at film festivals over the next year.  To find out more about "Gene," visit him on Facebook at this link Gene on Facebook

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