Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sweet Home, Bad Idea in Spain

Stupid ideas have consequences.  Embarrassment and failure usually follow the folly of the dimwitted. On occasion, especially in slasher films, carnage and gore is what follows. Throw in young love, and yep....a regular nuclear holocaust will probably arrive. 2015's "Sweet Home," is a film that demonstrates this maxim.  In a plot line that could've began a romantic comedy, two lovers, secluded in an abandoned tenement building are about to face some monsters.  Yeah...like an abandoned old building is really abandoned....not in slasher films.
Alicia (Ingrid Grace Jonsson), a real estate broker visits an almost abandoned apartment building to question it's last tenant, an elderly man who refuses to move.  The real estate company wants him gone so they can demolish the eyesore, but the law is on the man's side.  Here is the stupid idea of the century....to seduce her loser boyfriend, Simon (Bruno Sevilla), Alicia brings him to the building where she has fixed up an abandoned apartment with scented candles, in hopes of engaging in pre-marital sex with him.  Uh oh, also converging on the space are three masked assassins, hired by the real estate company to exterminate it's last tenant.  They do their job, but discover Alicia and Simon have witnessed their visit.  Our trio then set forth in hopes of killing our economical lovers.
Bad news for the assassins.....our lovers go through them like crap through a goose.  Our Romeo and Juliet are not out of the woods yet, as back-up is dispatched. Instead of three half-wits, a monster arrives. A big monster of a guy clad in a gas mask and toting a really big ax, lots of acid, poison gas, and an attitude.  This fiend won't be so easy to out maneuver, and Simon and Alicia will need to become monsters themselves to survive and kill their new foe.
Can the authors of the stupidest idea ever in Spain recover and outsmart an evil maniac? Does having a few homicides (....okay, so they were in self-defense) under your belts....or lingerie...make the heart fonder?  Directed with a horrific edge by Rafa Martinez, "Sweet Home" is fast paced, and Alicia's spunk makes this a very inspirational film...to the horror lover. Available on Netflix, see "Sweet Home."

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