Monday, September 26, 2016

Turkey Shoot, Obedience is Death

I first saw this plot in a 1933 Fay Wray film, "The Most Dangerous Game." Classic plot....schmucks find their way to an island, usually shipwrecked, and meet an enigmatic host who seems benign. The next day, the host reveals that his new guests will be set loose on the island so he can hunt them down like animals. A more serious and realistic version of this plot was detailed on this blog in my review of "Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity" (click on link to see this review SLAVE GIRLS ). Today we look at one of the most gory versions of this plot, 1982's "Turkey Shoot."
In the near future society has gone mad and is ruled by an evil totalitarian government.  Anyone harboring thoughts of freedom and reform is sent to a prison island for re-education.  Paul (Steve Railsback), an aggressive voice of liberty is sent there with innocent shop owner, Chris (Olivia Hussey). After some gratuitous shower and torture scenes, these two are selected to be in a group of inmates who will be set free to be hunted by Charles (Michael Craig) the warden and his sadistic pals. Each pal will be tasked with killing one of these inmates.  Also in the group is Rita (Lynda Stoner), a sultry blonde who will be pursued by the evil Jennifer (Carmen Duncan).  Jennifer is an evil babe with a bow and arrows who desires to torture and rape Rita before killing her.
Our inmates are set free, but the hunters have all the advantages. Paul and Chris will team up, and fall in love, and provide our hunters with a real challenge.  As Jennifer and Charles demonstrate their cruelty, our runners fall one by one.  In a very ominous scene Jennifer catches up to poor Rita and...well, you'll see. Unlike the other films mentioned above, "Turkey Shoot" has machete carnage, arrow carnage, decapitation carnage, mutant ape-man carnage, torture carnage, etc.... Will Chris and Paul prevail?  If so, Paul has bigger plans for the island than mere escape.  Will Jennifer turn her attention to Chris after finishing off Rita? Yes she will.
Campy and a bit exploitative, this violent action flick is worth a look. Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, this film gets very ambitious. Our warden and his friends are incredibly sadistic and jet fighter bombers and epic war scenes become part of the plot.  Available on YouTube in fine quality, enjoy "Turkey Shoot."

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