Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Throne of Fire, Swords...Magic....Sultry Princess

Sabrina Siani was a very beautiful Italian horror and exploitation film actress.  Jesus Franco called her one of the worst actresses he ever worked with.  Translation....she never had pre-marital sex with him.  Ms. Siani not only worked in Europe, but also made an action flick in North Korea (click on this link to see a review of that film Ten Zan ). In 1983's "The Throne of Fire" (Il Trono di Fuoco) she plays a sultry princess clad only in an animal skin bikini, boots, and a large sword.
Princess Valkarin (Siani) is captured by the evil Morak (Harrison Muller, Jr.). Morak is a spawn of Satan and prophecy dictates that if he kills the king, marries the Princess on an eclipse, he will rule the world.  Of course, the Princess refuses to marry him, so he kills her people and tries to break her will.  Not all is as hopeless as it seems, as the handsome warrior Siegfried (Pietro Torrisi) sets off to rescue her and kill Morak.  Siegfried has lots of shiny muscles but is dumber than a bag of lug-nuts. His heart is in the right place, but he keeps getting the Princess re-captured.
Realizing that her Prince Charming has an empty attic, Valkarin takes matters into her own hands. As she tells Siegfried, "...a girl has weapons no man has."  Using her sex-appeal, our beauty escapes...but wouldn't you know it...she needs to rescue her dimwit rescuer.  This won't be hard to believe, but Morak is smarter than both of our protagonists and has set a trap for them.  If successful, Valkarin will be forced to marry him and our hunk-with-no-brain will assume room temperature.
Can Valkarin's weapons of womanhood and a really big sword overcome Marok's quest? If successful, will Valkarin marry the dolt Siegfried?  Did Ms. Siani's refusal to sleep with ugly and smelly directors and producers cut her career short?  "The Throne of Fire" (directed by Franco Prosperi) is much fun, and Ms. Siani is always a pleasure to watch on the screen.  Available on YouTube, see "The Throne of Fire," a perfect Italian sword and magic exploitation film.

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