Friday, September 16, 2016

Most Likely to Die, Hunks and Babes fall to Slasher

Sultry, blonde beauty Ashley (Skyler Vallo), clad in black high heals and shiny role-playing lingerie is chased through the wilderness by a psycho. Her fate will be most gruesome.  If that opening scene appeals to you....well, 2015's "Most Likely to Die" is a film for you. A classic 1980s slasher film made last happy the genre lives on.  Directed by Anthony DiBlasi, and starring some great looking peeps, this film is so therapeutic especially since the NFL bore-fest of a season has begun.
10 years after high school graduation, a group of friends meet at Ray's (Jason Tobias) mountain mansion. Ashley arrived early for a gratuitous strip scene and some pre-marital sex.  We already know what happens to this babe, but how about Ray? The friends arrive but Ray is nowhere to be found. The creepy caretaker Tarkin (Jake Busey) drools over our cast.  Pretty Gaby (Heather Morris) is upset that her old BF, Brad (Ryan Doom) is on his way.  Oh yeah, Brad is bringing his new supermodel GF, Bella (Tatum Miranda).  Bella likes to put on and take off her bikini for Tarkin....can you guess her eventual fate?
Let's speed by one, the guests assume room-temperature.  Simone (Marci Miller) will get it in gory fashion after some spirited pre-marital sex with Lamont (Johnny Ramey), and Tarkin will get it after he spies Bella stripping.  Now the friends realize that they are trapped with a killer and one of them is the killer.  Who to trust? Gaby, with her poker skills, emerges as the most likely to figure out who the killer is, but she better hurry. As throats are cut and supermodels are decapitated, our fiend seems to be unstoppable.
Bella the Supermodel
Perhaps not entirely original, but still lots of fun, "Most Likely to Die" can brag of a very attractive cast and some really neat kills. Yeah, there is an obligatory backstory that fills in a lot of blanks, but I won't elaborate on it.  So as the NFL puts lots of Americans to sleep, enjoy a crisp and fast moving slasher film. "Most Likely to Die" is available on Netflix.

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