Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Dead Room, Things that go Bump in New Zealand

Our feature today can best be described as "The Legend of Hell House-Lite." Instead of two world renown mediums, our film has one pseudo-Goth medium wannabe. Instead of a well financed scientist, and his babe wife, we have a frumpy, salt-of-the-earth science guy. Instead if a cavernous mansion...we have a junky, one step up from redneck hovel, house. Oh yeah....the secret room behind the walls? You'll see. From New Zealand, 2015's "The Dead Room."
A trio of paranormal investigators descend on a house in rural New Zealand. The family which occupied this place ran out suddenly one night vowing never to return.  Apparently ghosts made the home unlivable.  Scott (Jeffrey Thomas) is kind of a scientist who believes all hauntings can be explained scientifically. He has a theory which he is eager to try.  Noise displacement....yeah, that'll work.  Joining him is the technical guy, and true believer, Liam (Jed Brophy), and a young lady who can sense spirits, Holly (Laura Peterson).
Very little is shared with us regarding any backstory, and the investigation starts off slowly.  Every night at 3am,  something weird happens.  Each succeeding evening, this weird event gets more dramatic. Eventually our spirit is able to throw furniture and hedge clippers.  Just as our trio is ready to run away in horror, Scott decides to get rid of the spirit using his noise displacement theory, though Holly is skeptical.  Uh oh, some late and morbid discoveries change the game plan. What our trio find puts them all in mortal danger.
As the film progresses, more and more similarities are revealed to our classic haunted house epic, "The Legend of Hell House." What will prevail, science or the paranormal?  Will they even prevail. What is the awful secret behind the walls of this dilapidated house?  The final 15 minutes will be a wild ride and cause you to revisit the 1973 classic by clicking on this link Hell House . Directed by Jason Stutter, "The Dead Room" is a neat ghost tale and available on Netflix.

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