Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Savage Streets, Linda Blair goes Ninja

Linnea Quigley is one of the greatest scream queens of all time.  Known for her risque roles in so many horror films, it is easy to forget she is also a terrific actress.  Her portrayal of young Heather in today's film is sweet, pure, and ultimately heartbreaking.  Quigley's Heather is a deaf high school girl who capture's our hearts.  Her love for ballet and goodness have us all cooing "Awwwww!" every time she is on the screen.  Unfortunately, our film today is "Savage Streets," and goodness and charm do not fare well in 1980s vicious exploitation films. Her vicious demise will send Linda Blair on a warpath in 1984's "Savage Streets."
Alas, poor Heather
After Heather is pummeled, humiliated, and gang raped by a gang called the Scars, her sister Brenda (Linda Blair) vows vengeance.  Brenda may feel a bit responsible as she was in an elongated cat-fight with cheerleader Cindy (Rebecca Perle) in the locker room shower.  These two will engage in another cat-fight later on, in biology class.  Back to less gratuitous elements of the plot.  At first Brenda doesn't know who is responsible for Heather's attack.  Our protagonist heads a lady gang, more into smoking and disrespecting teachers than anything too violent.
Brenda gets mad
Brenda's BFF, Francie (Lisa Freeman) is then murdered by the gang a few days shy of her wedding.  Now Brenda is merciless.  She dons block ninja garb, grabs a crossbow, bear traps, and a switchblade and sets off on a path of homicide.  Jake (Robert Dryer) is the Scars leader, and he is all monster.  Ultimately Jake and Brenda will have a final confrontation which will be full of gore and carnage. When Brenda turns hunter, we almost sympathize with the goons who defiled Heather (almost).
Aiming for Jake
Will Brenda avenge sweet Heather? Does Jake have any mischief and misogyny up his leather jacket sleeve for Brenda? Will our beautiful cheerleader Cindy learn her lesson and avoid future cat-fights with Brenda.  Violent and unapologetic, "Savage Streets" has no mercy for the audience.  If you like your exploitation films that way, Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley are fantastic in "Savage Streets," which is available on YouTube. Directed by Danny Steinmann, this film delivers on the gore and violence.

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