Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wreck, Monsters and Thugs

It is not easy being an ex-stripper...er, sorry...ex-exotic dancer. You try to go straight. Maybe enroll in law or medical school. Perhaps you write the great American novel. Or maybe you make a killing selling Amway or Herbalife.  Still, preparing for the future as one plies their trade on a stage or adjacent pole is a wise move. A smart move is to go into a legitimate trade. Today's film is a warning to do just that, 2020's "Wreck," directed by Ben Patterson.

Sandy (Gemma Harlow Dean) is a former exotic dancer. She needs more money and resorts to becoming a "bag-man" for some heavy scores. Now partnered up with fellow mobster, Jimmy (Ryan Gilks), the two are tasked to deliver a package. What is in the package? Doesn't matter. The briefcase will be handcuffed to Sandy's wrist. The duo will be ordered to stay off the radio and their phones. Uh oh...some really bad men with hacksaws want the case. By the way, in case I failed to mention this, a big furry monster is eating some locals in rural England. Guess what? Sandy and Jimmy are tasked to drive through rural England to reach their delivery point. Something runs in front of their car forcing our duo off the road and overturning them.

Bad news...Jimmy's skull is cracked open and Sandy is pinned to the ground by their overturned BMW. More bad news...the goons with the hacksaw want the briefcase handcuffed to Sandy and are on their way. It gets worse...the BMW is now well off the road and a big hairy monster (Charles Clarke-Devonald) is on the prowl. Sandy is in a bad predicament and when something drags away Jimmy's corpse away and eats it, she realizes just how bad. There is some good news! Every time the monster wanders over to Sandy, they are interrupted. Hikers and goons are aplenty in Sandy's plight and the monster loves ripping them to shreds. A gal, when given a lot of time to think, can become quite resourceful. Now Sandy has developed a strategy...not a good one...but one she can understand. Escape and kill the monster are her goals and it is not looking good.

Will Sandy pry herself loose from the BMW and escape the carnage of the hairy beast? Is there some parable that can be derived from this film that will speak intimately to all those exotic dancers out there who desire to enroll in medical school? The creature f/x are so cheesy that you will cheer when the thing makes an appearance. For some neat British horror with over-the-top cheesiness, see "Wreck."

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  1. High cheese factor? I can hear the Steve Jobs brigade cheering, bring out the pizza, great insights on the exotic front, I hear pyscology classes are in high demand!!!