Thursday, January 7, 2021

Animal Among Us, Bigfoot Attacks...or Does He?

We love Bigfoot films! Hey...we love Bigfoot! Is he a vicious carnivore seeking to shred nubile and hunk hikers in the American forests? Or is he a misunderstood mammal seeking privacy and d├ętente with an increasingly technological and cold society? Or maybe...and I know, perish the he a myth? The monster in the wilderness may not be the enigma that is Bigfoot, but rather...well, you'll see. This brings us to our feature today, 2019's "Animal Among Us," directed by John Woodruff.

Many years ago two nubile hikers were killed by an apparent wild animal at the Merrymaker Campgrounds. What killed the beauties was never determined for sure. Enter author Roland Baumgarner (Christian Oliver). Roland wrote a best-selling novel about those murders, depicting the attacker as a Bigfoot monster. The tragedy shut down the camp. Modern day, the Merrymaker Campgrounds are still owned by the same family and the now adult daughters are opening it up again. The two sultry sisters are Anita (Larisa Oleynik) and Poppy (Christine Donlon). Oh yes, they're brutish stepdad is also back, Burl (Don Frye). Roland answers a mysterious invitation to appear at the grand re-opening. He shows up just in time to see two Bigfoot bloggers attacked and shredded.

Roland is scared, but Poppy seduces him...she is quite the babe! Now Roland wants to find out if what killed the two gals many years ago is still prowling around. Our beautiful sisters seem to know more than they are letting on and they have a weird relationship with their stepdad. Roland is getting nowhere and both sisters claim there is no monster. Indications are the sisters and the stepdad are up to something and Roland is slow on the uptake. Now something is on the prowl and the sisters and Roland seem to be in danger of being hunted and shredded...but from what? Whatever killed those two gals many years ago is now looking to kill more humans...or is something else seeking to do those additional killings? Beware, even the sultry Poppy will come face to face with a horrific surprise.

Is Bigfoot really the culprit at Merrymaker Campgrounds? Will Poppy's seduction techniques, so successful with Roland, be able to protect her from a Bigfoot attack? Just what is Burl's actual relationship with his stepdaughters? Experienced horror addicts may figure out the twists and surprises. Nevertheless, the two sisters are quite lovely and this is a unique take on the Bigfoot story. For some quirky fun, see "Animal Among Us."

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