Monday, January 11, 2021

Primitives, Cannibals and Great Looking College Students

Let us take "Slave of the Cannibal God" and mix it with "Jungle Holocaust" and set it in Indonesia...what do we have? Today's film! 1980's "Primitives," directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra. Yep...we have primitive cannibals disemboweling lizards, monkeys, snakes, and alligators. Yes...animals were harmed in the making of this film. Filmed in the Indonesian jungle and maybe with the cooperation of real natives, get ready for some gore and the exploitation of native peoples. More importantly, will a fabulous Indonesian lady get the same treatment as Ursula Andress did in "Slave of the Cannibal God"?

Three college students; The nubile Rita (Enny Haryono), the hunk Robert (Barry Prima), and nerd Tommy (Johann Mardjono) hire Bisma (Rukman Herman) a guide to take them into the jungle to meet savages. Bisma does just this. They find a friendly tribe that dances a lot and eats yucky things. Not satisfied...not all natives are interesting...the trio bribe Bisma to take them deeper into the jungle. Bad idea! Bisma does and the expedition meets disaster. After their river raft is destroyed on rapids, Bisma and Tommy get separated from the nubile Rita and hunk Robert. Rita and Robert are captured soon after by a cannibalistic tribe.

Both captives are stripped and humiliated. Robert will be pissed on and Rita will be assaulted by a cannibal tally-whacker. Monkeys will be slain for food and cannibal woman will paw Rita. A lot of grunting and eating disgusting things will occur and Rita will even puke. Stripped of most of her clothes, Robert figures he better act fast. Finally Bisma and Tommy get out of the river and their fate will be determined by hungry sad. Now Robert hatches an escape plan but he'll have to elude cannibals, quicksand, and snakes. The nubile Rita looks great running through the jungle and if they survive, perhaps Robert will get to enjoy some frolicking with her.

Will the cannibals allow the nubile Rita and hunk Robert to escape their clutches? What will be the ultimate fate of Tommy and Bisma be after the gators get through with them? Are the primitive cannibals any different than the university students and professors Rita and Robert seek to return to? Cannibal movie fans will love this Indonesian entry into the sub-genre of horror/exploitation/cannibal films. For some cheesy acting and action with extreme gore, see "Primitives." 

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  1. Wow, must be that island east of Sumatra, hay, i wrote a post on Indo today, for no particular reason then this great review showed u.