Saturday, January 9, 2021

Amityville Island, Death Row and Demon Possession

You demanded it and they listened. Polonia Brothers Entertainment has come through again. This time with 2020's hybrid of "Sharkenstein" and "Amityville Exorcism." Today we will look at the Mark Polonia and Paul Alan Steele directed "Amityville Island." No 'slow burns' here...just horror thrown at you faster than you're used to.  So for those of you who love movies made to be loved and not studied at NYU Film School, this is one for you.

Kelly Jo (Jamie Morgan) moves her family to Amityville and buys some cursed items at a rummage sale. They'll possess her and our beset mom will murder her four children and end up on death row. She'll meet Renata (Danielle Donahue), another death row inmate. Renata murdered dozens of frat boys. An evil warden runs a death row fight club and these two evil beauties are pitted against each other. There it becomes apparent that Kelly Jo remains possessed by Amityville demons. The two babes are sent to a mysterious island where they will be human experimentation subjects. There, Dr. Ormond (Jeff Kirkendall) and Dr. Tyler (James Carolus) are seeking to build the perfect battlefield soldier with Nano-technology.

Now Renata and a possessed Kelly Jo are at the mercy of the two mad scientists (actually, aren't we all at the mercy of the mad scientists of "Big Pharma"). Uh oh...mysterious zombies prowl the island and Kelly Jo's demons end up possessing sharks off shore and computer technology. Now a bloody fate awaits more than just our sultry test subjects. As the two mad scientists inject the pair with a mysterious drug, the Amityville demons seek more bloodshed. Now everyone and every animal on the island is subject to the Amityville wrath.

Do the evil experiments or the Amityville demons hold a bloodier fate for our two doomed heroines? Are Dr. Ormond and Dr. Tyler mere accurate metaphors for the mad scientists who purport to have vaccines for us? Just who are these zombies and what role will they have in this possession story? The Polonia Brothers never fail to give us films we want to see. For a great time, find "Amityville Island" for your Friday night horror watch party.

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