Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wicked Lake, Sultry Monsters Eat Men

Demons? Vampires? Werewolves? Witches? Who knows? The important point here is we have four sultry women who turn into some sort of cannibalistic monsters. Even more important...they're sultry, spend much of the film nude, go skinny-dipping a lot, kiss each other and fondle each other a lot, and dance non-stop. Did I mention nudity and skinny dipping? Okay, I did. Gore and eroticism abound in 2008's "Wicked Lake," directed by Zach Passero. 

We begin this film with an elongated shot of Ilene (Robin Sydney)...totally nude. She's a nude model posing in an art class. Weirdo Caleb (Marc Senter) is infatuated with her...too bad for him. He follows her home where he is scared away by Ilene's house mates, the beautiful Jill (Eve Mauro), Helen (Eryn Joslyn), and Mary (Carlee Baker). After Caleb runs away, the four strip nude and have some sort of New Age orgy. After a lot of kissing and fondling, the four go on a road trip to a lake cabin. Uh oh, Caleb's weird family (right out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre) hears about the four babes and follow with the intent to rape and murder. Uh oh, the seductive vixens humiliate some weird rednecks at a gas station on the way. Now the rednecks follow with the intent to rape and murder.

The gals get to the lake and skinny dip a lot. That night, they are readying for another orgy when Caleb's twisted family barges in. They force the gals to do oral sex and begin raping procedures. Oh yeah, Caleb? You won't believe this plot device, so I won't even tell you. Bad news for the rapists...the girls are the aforementioned monsters. Turning the tables on their tormentors, the gals utilize paralysis, torture, knives, seduction, castration, disembowelment, and cannibalism. While naked, the gals exact a measure of revenge. But wait! Now the gas station rednecks barge in. More warfare and disembowelment...and nudity and lesbian kissing and fondling. But wait! A weird cop (Tim Thomerson) is on his way...but why?

This film is an orgasmic orgy into prurient deviant sexual fantasy...times ten. The twisted and depraved will love it...and maybe you will, too. For a year's worth of nudity, gore, deviant sex, and disembowelment...see "Wicked Lake." Go ahead, you don't have to admit to it. Then after you watch it, you don't have to admit to yourself that you enjoyed it.

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