Sunday, November 8, 2020

Party Night, After Prom Party Massacre

Tommie Vegas is a wonderful young actress who is making so many films we're going to want to see. Beautiful and talented, Ms. Vegas captures our hearts when she sashays onto the screen in 2017's "Party Night." Alas, just like a great Giallo film...she'll die horribly at the hands of a machete wielding maniac. Directed by Troy Escamilla, this modern day slasher film has a lot of throwback references to some of the great 1980s slasher films. Still, the formula of hunks and babes beset by a machete maniac is timeless...and this blog thirsts for these types of films. 

Three sets of hunks and babes are excited about prom night. They are more excited about the after prom party at Nelson's (Drew Shotwell) uncle's lake cabin...secluded and mysterious. Nelson's main squeeze, Amy (Laurel Toupal) will convince her two besties, Molly (Vegas) and Olivia (Destinie Orndoff) to attend. Oh yeah, several young gals have turned up missing and the machete maniac has already begun his rampage. The gals clad in gowns and hunks in tuxes arrive at the cabin. We'll get a gratuitous underwear scene from Molly as her and Olivia spy someone spying on them as they change out of their gowns. No worries...Molly and her guy, Travis (Billy Brannigan), go outside to have pre-marital sex but get into a fight instead...Molly runs off and is subsequently taken apart by machete man.

Andrew (Ryan Poole) and Olivia will enjoy some passionate pre-marital sex. This is never a good way to stay alive in these films. Machete man is relentless and stalks the unfortunate by one. Machetes will be swung, heads will fly off their torsos, and prom gowns will get blood stained. The handsome and beautiful will die horribly and teens will act stupidly. Pure poetry. Pick your favorite hunk or babe...they will probably die horribly...but will there be a 'Final Girl'?

Straight forward with no twists, this film pleases all of us 1980s slasher film fans. The blood and gore will be plentiful and the great looking cast will have you riveted to the screen. Does the too early death of the sultry Molly act as a metaphor for the misogyny rampant in today's American high school culture?  Is our machete wielding killer, in reality, a sympathetic figure by those who weren't beautiful enough to go to their proms? Okay, these are stupid questions. For some classic slasher plot lines, enjoy "Party Night."  

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