Monday, November 2, 2020

Werewolf Island, The History of Michigan

Werewolf Island, or as it is known in Michigan...Doglady Island. werewolves in this film...a dog lady, instead. Hardly intimidating, but the creature in this film does have some neat Freddy Krueger fingers. Oh yes, though this film is not going to get a lot of love, there is one scene you just have to see. Ariel (Kristin Mellian) is raped by mafiosos after they murder her husband and two children. The ensuing rape scene and its aftermath is a cross between "The Conjuring" and a Bugs Bunny cartoon, you'll see. Anyway, let us look at the definitive film on the history of Michigan, 2020's "Werewolf Island," directed by Michael James Alexander.

There is an island in Michigan with a sordid and bloody history. To this day it is haunted by a dog lady, actually. The spirit of Misu (Calhoun Koenig) occupies the corpses of raped and murdered women to cause carnage on the rapists and their ancestors. As our film begins, Ben (Dennis Marin) and Lilly (Kara Joy Reed) are attacked by the creature after pre-marital sex. Luckily they both survive. Lilly's grandfather, Lucky (Andrew Dawe-Collins), a biker, and Ben's uncle, Detective Mike (Alexander) are horrified. See, both of them have a history at the island and the dog lady has it in for them.

We will be let in on a few backstories that show the island's bloody history. The history is filled with murder and rape and beautiful women don't fare well...until they die. Misu, who was an Indian girl killed by French soldiers, possesses the murdered and raped women and shreds the violators. Mafiosos and biker gangs will die horribly. Now the ancestors are in danger and Lucky and Detective Mike head back to the island to find a way to put an end to the dog lady's wrath. They better hurry, the lives of our two young lovers, Ben and Lilly, are at stake.

Is the dog lady the reason people from Wisconsin make fun of Michiganders? Just how do Detective Mike and Lucky figure on breaking the dog lady's murderous curse on their families? If the Indians had werewolves instead of dog ladies, would they still be ruling America? This is a fun one and B horror fans will find joy in it. For some Michigan fun, with no regard to Minnesota or Wisconsin, see "Werewolf Island." 


  1. Nothing beats the werewolf movies, they were the craze, Michael J Fox even played one.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this Chris. I watched it a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t know how I felt about it. It is kind of my love for Killer Klowns, hokey as hell but I actually enjoyed it!

  3. I don't know about this movie but I definitely want to YouTube This island