Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Aenigma, Beautiful College Girls in Trouble

What do beautiful college coeds do at all women colleges?  Thanks to 1980s horror films we know.  They hang out in alluring lingerie, talk about pre-marital sex with handsome professors, and maybe throw an occasional pillow.  In 1987's "Aenigma," directed by Lucio Fulci, they also die in tortuous ways. A warning to all you young ladies in college: If pre-marital sex is more of a priority to you than your art history class, you will probably be decapitated while in a state of nudity. If you don't believe me, ask any Italian horror director.
St. Mary's College, where all the students are beautiful young women...except Cathy (Milijana Zirojevic).  This plain Jane young lady has a date with her hunk P.E. professor (Ricardo Acerbi).  It's a prank, unfortunately.  After getting all dolled up, she and her date engage in pre-marital sex in his parked car.  Unbeknownst to Cathy, a microphone broadcasts her moans and coos to all her classmates.  Humiliated, she runs away and is maimed by oncoming traffic.  Now Cathy is all torn up and in a coma in ICU.  Enter Eva (Lara Lamberti), a new coed at the college.  As she enters the dorm, Cathy's spirit enters her body.  Eva is a skank, and seeks to have lots of pre-marital sex, which is just fine with Cathy's spirit.
Eva now begins Cathy's trek to kill all her classmates, and the hunk professor.  With a touch of the supernatural, Eva goes through her classmates like crap through a goose.  In typical Lucio Fulci fashion, many of these kills are of the icky variety.  Virginia (Kathi Wise), for example lay paralyzed and nude on her bed while thousands of snails crawl onto her and into her every orifice.  Back at ICU, Cathy develops a crush on her attending doctor, Robert (Jared Martin).  Thus Eva seduces Martin...over and over again.  The two will have lots of pre-marital sex.  When Eva becomes inconvenient, Robert will have lots of pre-maital sex with Cathy's old room mate, Jenny (Olli Reinthaler).  Now Eva is sent to kill the fair and nubile Jenny.
Will Cathy's quest be completed?  Exactly how is Cathy able to send her spirit to possess Eva?  How about our skank Eva?  Are Eva's goals and Cathy's quest incompatible?  Will the hospital or the AMA subject the horny doctor to sexual harassment or ethics classes?  The kills are imaginative and gory.  Lots of decapitations and gratuitous scenes of young ladies frolicking enhance this Italian horror film. Perhaps "Aenigma" is not one of Fulci's best films, but the snail-kill will stay with you long after the end credits roll.  

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