Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Are The Night, Four Hot German Vampires Bite and Shop

2010's "We Are The Night" (aka "Wir Sind Die Nacht") comes to us from Germany.  It seems whenever we meet really sophisticated vampires, who have survived centuries, while accumulating the wisdom of the ages, they end up acting really stupid and getting killed. Will that be the fate of our four lovelies today?  You'll have to wait until the closing credits for the answer to that question, but in the mean time, hold on for quite the roller-coaster ride.  Machine guns, Russian mobsters, car chases, vampire carnage, love stories (all of the unhealthy sort), and eroticism are delivered in very loud fashion, here.
As the film begins, Louise (Nina Hoss), Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich), and Nora (Anna Fischer) have just finished sucking the blood of every passenger and crew member on a Paris to Berlin flight.  In the picture above, Louise finishes off the last surviving stewardess.  Big on adrenaline rushes, the trio pop open the cabin door and finish the flight on their own, letting the airplane crash.  Meanwhile, Lena (Karoline Herfuth) is a low-life pick-pocket, running from the police.  Tom (Max Reimelt), is on her tail, determined to arrest her.  On the run, Lena finds her way to a nightclub secreted in a Berlin park.  Louise, who runs the joint, is fixated on Lena's desperation and allows her in.  After attempting to seduce Lena, Louise bites her, changing her into a bloodsucker.  With much angst and pain, Lena becomes a vampire and at first enjoys the apparent immortal life.  Louise has intimate intentions for young Lena, but Lena is not a lesbian.  Lena is sweet on Tom, even though he seeks to put cuffs her.  The, now quartet of vampires, live the high life.  They drive Lamborghinis, shop at exclusive malls, drink lots of blood, and hang around in bikinis and party dresses.
As Tom continues his pursuit, Louise also continues her's.  Lena rejects intimacy with Louise which causes some difficulties.  First, Charlotte becomes jealous, as she used to be Louise's lover.  Second, Louise realizes Tom's continued existence makes a relationship with Lena impossible.  Oh yes, Tom is actually a great cop and is able to locate these vampire femmes.  With the full force of SWAT teams, the cops move in.  Thanks to some nifty machine-gun work by Charlotte (see photo below), the femmes escape, and an all out war is now in progress between the police and the vampires.  The immortal vamps prove to be anything but immortal.  As casualties mount, Louise becomes unreasonable and impulsive, putting Tom and Lena in mortal danger.
Is there a future for Tom and Lena?  How will Louise ultimately handle rejection?  However lost Lena seemed, Louise never figured she had a human side.  Now immortal, Lena finally begins to appreciate her humanity (....though she is no longer human).  This is a loud, bloody, stylistic vampire story.  Our four vamps are alluring and dangerous.  However much a love story "We Are The Night" is, it is mostly an action-packed horror film. Available on Netflix, enjoy these four sexy monsters this Halloween season. 

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