Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Vampire Lovers, Lesbian Bloodsuckers from Hammer Films

Upon her wedding day, Queen Victoria's daughter received this piece of advice from her mom, regarding the wedding night; "Just lay back and think of England."  Similarly, Ingrid Pitt sought advice regarding her intimate lesbian scenes when she was starring in 1970's "The Vampire Lovers." Director Roy Ward Baker offered only this to his beautiful actress, "Just enjoy it."  The eroticism hinted at in Hammer vampire movies comes gushing forth in today's selection.  TVL is a perfect companion piece to Hammer's "Countess Dracula" (reviewed on this blog on May 4th), as both star Ingrid Pitt, arguably the best scream queen in film history.
The plot; During an aristocratic ball in Vienna, a countess (Dawn Addams) arrives with her apparent, niece Marcilla (Pitt, pictured above).  All the guys are checking out this stunning beauty, and in turn, Marcilla checks out all the buxom young ladies.  In a suave scam, the woman pawns Marcilla off on a general (Peter Cushing), while she attends a sick relative.  Perfect for Marcilla, as she is lusting for the general's daughter, Laura (Pippa Steel).  As Marcilla is a guest in the general's mansion, Laura and her grow increasingly close.  Eventually there is a lot of intimacy and nudity associated with these two.  Uh oh!  Laura is getting weaker and paler.  When Laura finally departs this mortal coil, Marcilla is nowhere to be found.  What is found are two puncture marks on Laura's neck.
Marcilla pops up again, this time as Carmilla.  We find out that this vampire is the last "living"descendant of the cursed Karnstein family (see my review of "Twins of Evil" on May 8th).  In a similar scam, Carmilla is taken in by the Morton's.  Good news for our fiend, as now she can set her sights on Emma Morton (Madeline Smith).  As you can see from the picture above, Carmilla does just that.  As Carmilla gets naked and intimate with Emma, and Emma's governess (Kate O'Mara), the general assembles a posse to end the evil once and for all.  Will our heroic posse be in time to save Emma from an unspeakable evil? 
This vampire's lust for beautiful young women is the draw for TVL.  Pitt, Smith, Steel, and O'Mara are all beautiful in this.  Peter Cushing, as usual, is terrific as the grieving father turned vampire hunter.  As the 1970s progressed, these Hammer horror films began to increase the eroticism...which believe it or not....coincided with decreased box office revenues.  In any event, this film will certainly please all Hammer horror film fans.  The beauty of the glamour women of Hammer films has never been matched by the more contemporary actresses.  Available on Netflix, treat yourself to what some may term a "guilty pleasure."

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