Saturday, June 7, 2014

BloodRayne: The Third Reich, Natassia Malthe vs. the Nazis

Today's feature is the third, and most erotic, BloodRayne movie.  Check out this blog last December 12th for the first one, and the second one on May 6th.  In 2011's "BloodRayne: The Third Reich," our favorite damphere (half woman, half vampire) takes on Hitler's army at "the eastern front of the apocalypse." Filmed in Croatia, in addition to Natassia Malthe as Rayne, this film is graced with some  fine supporting performances.  Michael Pare is terrific as the evil Commandant Brand, and Clint Howard as Dr. Mangler (a Dr. Mengele figure).  Most notable is Safiya Kaygin as Svetlana, a prostitute that betrays Rayne. Also, stay tuned to the final credits to hear Safiya sing "Never Let You Down," or find her singing this on YouTube.
The plot:  A Nazi train carrying Jews to a death camp is attacked by the resistance and Rayne.  The resistance wants weapons and Rayne wants to kill Nazis.  The attack is a success, apparently.  Rayne chases Commandant Brand into a boxcar and impales him with a metal rod.  As she does this, she then drains him of blood at the same time a Nazi soldier shoots her in the back, thus allowing Brand to ingest some of her blood.  Unbeknownst to Rayne, Brand comes back to life as a Nazi damphere.  Brand earns the attention of Dr. Mangler, who is summoned by Brand to coach him through his transition to the life of a bloodsucker.  Mangler and Brand (see photo below) then realize they need to capture Rayne and bring her to Berlin, feed Hitler her blood, thus making Hitler immortal.  On the way, Brand bites lots of soldiers, creating a vampire army.
At first Rayne is hesitant to to join forces with the resistance, but she gets real sweet on Nathaniel (Brendan Fletcher), their dashing young leader.  The resistance is quite capable with a dedicated core and a genius babe named Magda (Annette Culp) who can crack German codes.....unfortunately Brand captures her and turns her into one of the undead.  Uh oh....Brand is now a damphere and his ability to hunt them down is maximized.  Rayne is hiding out as the manager of a brothel, but when a jealous prostitute, Svetlana, realizes that Rayne's presence will bring heightened awareness from the Nazis, she goes to Brand and rats her out....then Brand turns her into a vampire.  It should be pointed out that the scenes with Rayne in the brothel lead to some very erotic moments in this film.  Brand, and his undead army are able to ambush the resistance and capture Rayne and Nathaniel.  Once captured, Brand hangs Rayne up (see picture below), feasts on her blood, making him really powerful, and allows Mangler to experiment with her.
Rayne and her soon to be lover, Nathaniel, are put on a truck caravan for Berlin.  As Rayne regains consciousness, she and Nathaniel share some passion, but not before Nathaniel takes some cautionary steps. His caution may suggest that he has been intimate with vampire's before.  The erotic scenes in the brothel, and Rayne's steamy love scene with Nathaniel will probably only appear in the unrated director's cut DVD.   With a small group of resistance fighters on the Nazis tail, will Rayne and Nathaniel be able to escape and overpower the evermore powerful Brand?  If you, like me, enjoyed the first two BloodRayne flicks, this one will have you cheering.  Natassia Malthe's performance is perfect, as a beautiful damphere with attitude.  Of course the gore is maximized, especially as Mangler conducts his experiments.  If you feel like viewing an entertaining movie, don't waste your time with "World War Z," see "BloodRayne: The Third Reich."    

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  1. My favorite of them all. Nazis VS Bloodrayne = WINNER!!! And boy oh boy that lesbian scene... MAJOR DROOL!!! <3 <3 <3