Friday, June 13, 2014

Berserker: Hell's Warrior, Viking Love

One of my favorite actresses over the past couple of decades is Kari Wuhrer (pictured below).  I still think she stole the show in "Anaconda" despite her early demise.  She was the only reason I watched Syfy channel's "Sliders." So today, we will look at 2004's "Berserker: Hell's Warrior" where she plays Brunhilda, the love interest of both Viking god Odin, and cursed warrior Barek (Paul Johansson).  Whenever a mortal goes up against a god, especially over a woman, you can imagine the carnage.
As the movie starts two Viking brothers are feuding over who will be the next king to unite all the clans.  Barek detests his prodigal brother Boar (Craig Scheffer) who has gone to the dark side and rebelled against the family.  As they initially make an unholy alliance, their dad (the present king) reneges on their bargain, thus defying Odin.  To make matters worse, the brothers both attempt to free Brunhilda, who has been chained for eternity by Odin.  Boar nearly dies in his efforts, but Barek succeeds, winning her love for eternity...and also Odin's wrath.  All the while there is some nice Viking carnage featuring big swords, decapitations, disembowelments, and lots of grunting.  Odin has also sent his vampire women demons to make life difficult. With Odin peeved, Barek is cursed to go through eternity fending off his brother who has been made into a berserker by Odin.  Over the next several centuries, Odin keeps sending Boar to hunt Barek.
Switch to present day, incarcerated in chains at the Stockholm Neuro Incarceration Unit is Barek.  The staff believes him dangerous because he thinks he is a Viking warrior cursed by Odin and lots of ripped apart bodies are always found in his vicinity.  Sweden can be such a judgmental country.  Fortunately, Barek's new shrink is Dr. Anja Green, clad in a white lab coat, high heels, and a leather mini-skirt....oh yes...she is also a reincarnation of Brunilda.  She orders his chains (see above picture) removed and then the present day carnage begins.  Odin sends Boar and Viking demons to hunt him down.  After making minced meat of the hospital staff, Boar pursues Barek to Anja's loft.  Anja and Barek are making up for lost time and become very intimate in her apartment which features a luxury bathroom with copper fixtures.  As Boar and his minions raid the building, the two flee....Anja's getaway outfit includes another leather mini-skirt and stiletto heels.  Her wardrobe is probably the reason Boar captures her and uses her as bait to lure his brother (see picture below).
As the inevitable final confrontation occurs, some surprise developments reveal themselves to Barek.  Is Anja/Brunhilda really devoted to Barek for eternity?  Exactly what is Odin's curse, and is Boar really Barek's foe?  Will the Vikings overtake the Bears this season in the NFC North?  With lots of action, beautiful vampire demons, sword carnage, and the lovely Kari Wuhrer, this film is sure to please.  Some Sunday during the football season, as the Vikings are battling in a typical commercial and turn-over filled football game, switch to Netflix and enjoy "Berserker: Hell's Warrior."


  1. I have never seen this one but I loved watching her on Sliders.

  2. This one certainly will get watched. Good find!