Saturday, January 27, 2018

Night Hunter, Vampires vs. Kick Boxer

Don "The Dragon" Wilson! No other name has reeked with so much potency since the heyday of Fabio Testi. Women swoon at the sight or whiff of this kick-boxing legend. Who better equipped to neutralize a horde of invading vampires than Don "The Dragon" Wilson? Though he never did commercials for Jai Karate, he would be their perfect spokes-model. Today we look at 1996's "Night Hunter."
As a boy, Jack (Wilson) watched his parents torn apart by vampires. Jack escaped and now, as an adult, is an adept vampire hunter. He senses vampires better than sharks smell blood and in the second scene of the film he barges into a four-star restaurant and eliminates several bloodsuckers sitting at Table 6. No stakes or holy water here, those are mere myths,  but in a film featuring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, vampires can only be killed if their backs are broken by a kick-boxer. Killing a slew of vampires brings perilous scrutiny. One of the vamps Jack slew was Carmella (Sophia Crawford). Carmella is a sultry lesbian and her vampire lover Tournier (Maria Ford) vows vengeance.
Raimy and Jack
In addition to a ticked off lesbian vampire beauty, Jack is now also pursued by the police (as they believe he is a mass murderer), and the vampire king who killed his parents (Nicholas Guest). To complicate matters, a beautiful reporterette, Raimy (Melanie Smith), inadvertently falls into his life while she is doing a story on the murder of the schmucks at Table 6. As the creatures stalk Jack and Raimy, Jack hunts the remaining clan before they can breed again. The vampire king wants to end the lineage of his vampire hunting foe and Tournier desires passion with the lovely Raimy.
Tournier and Raimy
Will Jack succeed in his quest to avenge the murder of his parents and also wipe out the last of the toothy menaces? Will Raimy and Jack emerge as lovers, or will Tournier make the reporterette her new vampire lover? If Van Helsing knew kick-boxing, would there have been any sequels to "Dracula"? You women out there will need a cold shower after watching "Don "The Dragon" Wilson for 90 minutes. Directed by Rick Jacobson, "Night Hunter" is some fine entertainment from the 90s.


  1. Good review, Christopher. I remember Don Wilson in tons of B movies. Seems like an interesting premise.

  2. This sounds sweet & I do like me some badass martial artist vs Vamps action, can't really go wrong with Don the Dragon either, nice review Christopher will definitely check this one out.

  3. I remember when this came out, but I never saw it. Sounds badass