Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Married a Monster from Outer Space, who hasn't?

The title of the 1958 film "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" begs an obvious question.  Is this a bad thing? How many spouses would answer that question, "I wish I had."  The beautiful Gloria Talbot stars in our feature today, and everything about her looks suggests beautiful nubile damsel in much danger.  However victimized and helpless she may appear at the start of this scifi classic, she will man-up pretty good and just may save the planet single-handily.
Marge (Talbot) and Bill (Tom Tryon) get hitched.  Uh oh, the day before the wedding Tom was abducted by ugly aliens and his body taken over by one of them.  The honeymoon doesn't go well.  Marge wants passionate sexual intercourse, as suggested by her white lingerie, and Bill (alien Bill) has no clue.  Over the next year, Bill acts like a zombie and even strangles the family dog.  Ah, but wait! Sex does come, as we see alien Bill may actually be enamored with the sultry Marge.  No pregnancies result, and Marge begins to get suspicious, especially after she follows Bill into the woods and sees him leave his human body and board a space ship.
Marge tries to warn the authorities, but most of them have been taken over, too.  It turns out the aliens come from a dead planet where all the women died.  Experiments are ongoing to figure out a way to impregnate human women to produce alien babies.  Alien Bill starts feeling weird as he becomes sexually attracted to Marge.  Marge isn't so forgiving and is bent on wiping out this alien race for ruining her wedding night.  The aliens are about to get a brutal lesson about Earth-women as Marge mounts an offensive that will decide the future of the human race.
Will Marge save Earth? Will she ever get her Bill back? Will alien Bill, with his new found sexual desires turn into Marge's ally? Gloria Talbott is so stunning in this that we feel sorry for the aliens who have no sexual desire. Never mind the silly title that baits some silly jokes, "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" is an exciting, fast-paced aliens vs. Earth story.


  1. Really well done,Christopher. I like the old 50s sci-fi that is just fraught with sexual tension & frustration. Then again, sleeping in separate beds will do that, lol.

  2. Love this film, it's an awesome blend of sci fi and sexual tension.

  3. Need to see this. I'm sure it's on my Roku. Great review!

  4. "Marge begins to get suspicious, especially after she follows Bill into the woods and sees him leave his human body and board a space ship."

    HAHAHA yep, that might cause the most trusting to get maybe a tad suspicious =))