Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keep My Grave Open, Love and Murder Among Siblings

Incest is a very uncomfortable subject...even in this blog.  Throw in murder and insanity and now we have something we can be more at ease with.  In 1977's drive-in classic, "Keep My Grave Open," we meet one very sick and demented insaniac...or is it two sick and demented insaniacs?  Be careful of the plot twists that play out, they are a bit more complicated that you would originally figure.
The nubile and perky Lesley (Camilla Carr) lives on an expansive Texas horse farm with her husband...er...brother, actually.  She refers to him as her husband, as the two are, shall we say...intimate.  Don't wander onto the farm, as neither of these siblings like visitors.  Visitors who do test the boundaries of their privacy are skewered by a large sword by...well...that's part of the mystery. As Lesley continually seduces her husband...er...brother, we are introduced to the eeriest love-making scenes in film history. As Lesley's sexual needs increase, her insanity does as well.  As more schmucks are impaled on the horse farm, our nubile anti-heroine gets more ambitious.
As a sword-wielding maniac finds prey off the farm, a desperate psychiatrist attempts to get Lesley re-committed to an asylum...this won't go well.  But wait!  Is there a brother?  Twists and turns may suggest there isn't.  If the brother doesn't exist, or is dead, what is the backstory on him?  Don't jump to too many conclusions before this film concludes, you'll see why.
As far as backstories go, every one we are let in on is creepy and perverted.  Camilla Carr plays the seductress very well, but because of her proclivity toward incest...and maybe homicide...we see it as horrific and not alluring.  For fans of 1970s drive-in fare, this film will please.  Demented and perverted, no doubt, but if you want a romantic comedy, you wouldn't be reading this blog.

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