Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Chosen, Get Rid of Dead Weight in the Family

We've all endured Thanksgiving with family and relatives.  Coming soon, the same ordeal at Christmas.  We love these times of year.  Family is so special...and so are the relatives.  Now be honest....if you had to make a choice to kill one of'd have at least one in mind.  Hypothetically....what if you had to kill one of them to prevent nuclear annihilation...would you do it?  You could even pick the poor soul to sacrifice.  Well...would you?  This question, minus the nuclear war, is posed in 2015's "The Chosen," written and directed by Ben Jehoshua  Let's face it...though we say we love our kinfolk....there are one or two (....or six) that we really do not.
Through a weird chain of events, little Angie (Mykala Sohn) has a demon attached to her. The demon, Lilith (Adam's first wife in Eden...don't ask) will kill the cute child and drag her to hell unless her 18 year old Uncle Cameron (Kian Lawley) can find a way to save her.  We'll skip a lot to avoid spoilers, but Cameron's task, to free Angie from Lilith's wrath, is to pick six family members to sacrifice instead.  Difficult choice? Well....let's just say Cameron has a colorful family.  Angie's mom, Eliza (Elizabeth Keener) is a recovering addict and lives elsewhere.  She man's up when Cameron asks her to assist him in his task. The two keep their eyes on the prize...cute Angie.  
Possessed and evil looking, Angie is hardly cute anymore.  Who to kill? The choices made by our duo actually come quite easy.  An annoying, coughing grandmother, a vegetable grandfather, a MILF aunt (Dayna Devon), a spoiled cousin, and, oh yes.....perhaps Cameron's unborn baby inside the womb of his GF, Megan (Emily Killian).  The list wasn't hard to put together, but now Eliza and Cameron must act. Can they actually kill? Yes. Uh oh....twists abound.  With only six days to complete the evil task, Cameron hardly has time for sentimentality.  A caring uncle to precious Angie in one scene, and a psycho-maniac ready to murder the fetus of his unborn baby in another.  Even if he can save Angie, how will Cameron emerge?
Is Angie really worth the lives of six of her blood relatives? At any point, will Eliza and Cameron realize what they have started, and allow civility to end their quest?  This movie is a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. Watch "The Chosen" on Netflix and when your relatives start annoying you at the Christmas dinner table, start putting your list together.

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