Monday, November 10, 2014

Wer, Human Rights for the Werewolf Community

Whoever thunk that the newest, so-called disenfranchised community would be the lycanthropes among us?  Some malevolent hairball with fangs eats a family and all of a sudden the U.N. adopts their cause.  Hence today's film, from 2013, "Wer."  Set in Lyon (France), and filmed in Bucharest, "Wer" is an attractive murder mystery, courtroom drama, and horror flick.  The gore is piled on, reality is suspended, and one heck of a thrill ride ensues.
An American family vacationing in the woods near Lyon is attacked by......someone?  The little boy and his dad end up half eaten and the mom would later die in a hospital.  Before she died, the mom gave a description of a werewolf to the police.  The story attracts media from around the world, and an arrest is soon made.  The suspect, Talan Gwynek (Brian Scott O'Connor) is a massive (over seven feet) and very hairy human being who resides with his mom two miles from the murders.  Enter Kate (A.J. Cook of "Criminal Minds"), an international human rights lawyer.  She arrives in Lyon confident that our monster of a man is innocent.  As with most "well meaning" dweebs who are ashamed that they came from privilege, Kate hates the police and loves the accused.  Her desire to champion the rights of the the socially oppressed will soon get dozens of good people pureed.  Kate's two helpers are an old beau, Gavin (Simon Quarterman), and an investigator, Eric (Vik Sahay). Together they poke massive holes in the prosecution's case.  Their defense is quite effective until Talan actually turns into a monster while undergoing tests at a hospital (see photo below).
After killing doctors, lab technicians, and lots of cops, Talan escapes into the city.  Kate actually admits to an error in judgment, but soon will have more problems.  Now determined to assist the cops, she finds out that Gavin was wounded by the lycanthrope and is starting to change into something hairy and powerful.  As Talan goes through cops guessed it...crap through a goose, Kate and her cop friends close in on him  Kate is hopeful that some form of humanity remains in Talan so that she can talk him into giving up peacefully....right!  Our peacenik turned monster hunter is given a gun by Gavin with his instructions. "If I do anything, use the gun..."  Whatever Gavin is becoming, it ain't good.  
The last half hour is incredibly bloody, and dozens will be pulled apart by the above pictured fiend. Will Kate's desire for peace and understanding make her need for a firearm disappear?  Will Gavin's change from an intellectual, pacifist do-gooder into a violent, maniacal beast make him more attractive to Kate's id?  See "Wer" during the next full moon, and watch the carnage as the police and defense lawyers decide to put their differences aside in order to achieve a common goal (gag me with a spoon!).    

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