Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I Am ZoZo, And I Am Zisi

I am Zisi, so today I review "I Am ZoZo." No really...I didn't hand control of this blog over to Dr. Seuss...there really is a movie, from 2012, called "I Am ZoZo," and because I am Zisi, I will review "I Am ZoZo." So all you college kids, bored with existing drinking games, take this film as a warning and don't trade your quarters in for a Ouija board.
They're really annoying and we hope they all meet horrible deaths. Okay, not a nice thing to say, but I had to say it. Five college aged kids meeting at a seaside cottage for a week end of pre-marital sex (probably) and alcohol. Oh but wait, Mel (Courtney Foxworthy), part Goth, all wiccan, takes control of the entertainment. Pictionary? Trivial Pursuit? No!!! Try...a Ouija board. Always a great idea. Really, has there ever been an instance when young attractive people have used this thing and came away saying, "I am so glad we did that, it worked out really well!" No! Never. Tess (Kelly McLaren) is the one we're supposed to get behind, and I guess we do. Hesitant to partake, the wiccan babe convinces her. Now, guess who emerges from...well...the other side?
First some dead children, communicate...oh so cute. Then ZoZo appears. He's menacing and mysterious. He wants to kill the three guys, including Tess' main-squeeze Aiden (Demetrius Sager). We actually want to kill him too, just for being goofy. Then ZoZo wants to rape Tess...a.la Barbara Hershey in "The Entity." As ZoZo does some magic and really gets into the wiccan's head (I'm sure there is plenty of room in there), the mood of the weekend becomes gloomy and horrific. ZoZo proves quite the malicious spirit and the quintet of idiots seem totally over matched.
Will any of these five over-matched dweebs survive this paranormal weekend? Will the lack of dollars in this low-budget spectacular seriously water down the rape scene? Will the clueless guys make a move on our two damsels and engage in pre-marital sex with them before ZoZo does? I am ZoZo and this is "I Am Zisi"...wait...no, other way...I am Zisi and this is my review of "I Am ZoZo." Directed by Scott Di Lalla, this film is flawed but you will have so much fun watching it.


  1. Wow, just loved the opening and ending, it really was about you!!!!

  2. In all seriousness, wait, I can't stop laughing...