Monday, July 26, 2021

The Nurse, Sultry Psycho in White

Hockey fans may know Willa Ford as Mandy Modano, Mike Modano's now ex-wife.  Horror fans may know her as the sexy and unfortunate water skier in the 2009 "Friday the 13th" remake.  The sultry blonde's magnum opus, in my opinion, is 2014's "The Nurse."  Directed by Sam Irvin, this film highlights the actress as a psycho/slasher and a nubile nurse clad in a shapely white uniform.

So sad!  The very pretty nurse in white, Lu (Kiralee Hayashi) is horribly murdered by a slasher, staining her white uniform.  The culprit?  You will have to wait for the final reveal.  Fast forward, Cara (Brigid Brannagh) and hubby Brian (Jack Noseworthy) move into a mansion thanks to Brian's employer.  The couple is pretty hot.  Then Cara's estranged dad, Frank (John Heard) suffers a stroke and needs 24 hour care.  Cara and Brian take him in and the full time nurse shows up...Lynette (Ford).  She's lovely and has brought with her a nice string bikini, lingerie, a negligee, a tight party dress, and massive amounts of sex appeal.  She is too good to be true.

Uh oh...Lynette has a dark side.  On the surface she is a godsend.  Cara is grateful for the care she gives Frank.  Then, when Cara isn't around, she tortures him and gives him syringes filled with...well, who knows?  More reasons to suspect Lynette is not who she says occur while she turns into a seductress and people in Brian and Cara's life start dying horribly.  We even see Lynette kill in some questionable instances.  You know what else we see?  Yep...we see it coming a mile away.  A cat-fight!  Two sultry babes going at it with helpless men unconscious on the floor.  The nurse/seductress/slasher seems to have everything figured out.

What are Lynette's plans for Frank, Cara, and Brian?  Why has Lynette beset this nice looking couple and their bed-ridden dad?  Will Willa Ford make out any better than she did when Jason annihilated her five years earlier?  Willa Ford's performance is steamy and this turns into a nice slasher film.  For some great nubile nurse in white exploitation, see Willa Ford in "The Nurse," and mourn the early death (opening scene) of the pretty Lu. 

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