Friday, August 28, 2020

Demonic Toys, When Fisher Price Attacks

What a match up...Full Moon Entertainment and the sultriest actress of her time, Tracy Scoggins. 1992's "Demonic Toys" is a horrific story in which Ms. Scoggins, the tall green-eyed beauty, delivers one of the best performances in horror film history. There will be gore, gunfights, and heartbreaking plot lines...and Ms. Scoggins will sweat a lot and look really good, even as she will be put in much peril. Directed by Peter Manoogian, this film will demonstrate how a sultry actress masters a role containing excruciating torment.
Judith (Scoggins) and Matt (Jeff Celentano) are two cops undercover, on a bust. Judith has just found out she is pregnant by Matt. Uh oh, the bad guys show up and a gunfight ensues...Matt is murdered. Grief stricken Judy chases the two fiends. She'll capture Lincoln (Michael Russo), and the other bloke, Hesse (Barry Lynch), will be torn apart by the titled demonic toys. Hesse's blood brings the dolls, jack-in-the-boxes, robots, and teddy bears to life. Now they all sport fangs and weapons. As Judith captures Lincoln, the two get locked in a storeroom. Hope for salvation might hinge on the underachieving Mark (Bentley Mitchum) who delivers chicken dinner to a lazy security guard. Finally, after being locked in the storeroom, Judith gets the attention of Mark and the security guard, and more fun ensues.
The toys amass and attack. They will rip apart the security guard. Uh oh...the toys want Judith's unborn baby. The toys are commanded by an ethereal demon who wants to be born to a real body. It's desire is to capture Judith, spread her on a pentagram, and enter her womb to possess the baby. Judith isn't keen on this idea and mounts a defense...then offense. Mark will try to help but the others will meet tortuous and gruesome demises. The demon is cruel and it's torment of Judith will be excruciating and pure evil. As Judith deals with the murder of her lover earlier in the evening, and the prospect of her baby becoming a satanic demon, help may be on the way in the form of...well, you'll see.
The story is horrific and Ms. Scoggins is sultry, tough, and quite the beset damsel. Will Judith prevail or will she give birth to another Damian? Just how does the demon plan to implant himself into Judith's womb? Okay, dumb question. The premise of this film is extreme in its evil and many may say taboo for the silver screen. Still, "Demonic Toys" may be one of the ten best horror films of the 20th century, made with a fraction of the budget as "The Omen." For some nightmarish scares, and a very alluring performance, see "Demonic Toys."

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