Monday, May 18, 2020

Bloody Ballet, Swan Lake with Razors and Disembowelment

2010's "Black Swan" was not a horror film. Wimps who are scared of horror films make the claim that the over-rated, Oscar winning bore-a-thon is horror. You want to see ballet horror? I have one for you today, 2018's "Bloody Ballet." This is what "Black Swan" would've been if Lucio Fulci made it. You can have Natalie can have Mila Kunis...give me Debbie Rochon any day of the week. So you artsy-fartsy fans stop reading here, but you true horror fans, enjoy!
Adriana (Kendra Carelli) is a sultry prima dona. She has just been awarded the lead in "The Nutcracker." Great news...right? Well, like all of us, Adriana has a backstory. Hers is quite gory and haunting. Her parents were murdered with a razor after someone cut out their eyes. This backstory causes Adriana awful and disgusting hallucinations and panic attacks. Her ally here is Dr. Carlina Cassinelli (Rochon). Carlina does a yeoman's job with Adriana, but sometimes the past is a greedy hoarder.  Uh oh...other sultry ballerinas in Adriana's troupe begin being murdered...the same way her parents were. Oh, by the way, the leader of this ballet is Ms. Valli (Caroline Williams).
Yep, as Adriana's hallucinations get gorier and more disgusting, and more ballerina's have their eyes cut out...a parallel story is thrown at us. An 1892 fire that destroyed an insane asylum. McCabe (Rob Springer)  is researching the abandoned ruin when ghosts of little girls begin approaching him. Then an eerie, eyeless, Adriana beckons him...but to what? McCabe's contact with this Adriana-specter will draw him to the Ms. Valli's ballet troupe. He better hurry, the pretty ballerinas, who are often in the throes of pre-marital sex and other gratuitous nude scenes, are getting sliced up. Uh we see more of Adriana's past, we realize Carlina's best efforts may not be enough to stop the meat-grinder of a conclusion we are heading to.
Would the ballerinas be dying so horribly if they weren't in states of gratuitous nudity, in the shower, having pre-marital sex, or other misbehaving deeds? Can Dr. Cassinelli diagnose and treat Adriana, or are paranormal forces already set in motion? Just what does that abandoned and ruined insane asylum have to do with Ms. Valli's ballet? Gory and gratuitous, but in every sense a horror film. For some stomach-turning fun and razor gore...enjoy "Bloody Ballet," directed by Brett Mullen.


  1. Loved the first part and yes I continued reading, how could I not???

  2. I guess it's about time I give this bad girl a whirl. A copy's been sitting in my hard drive since a year ago...