Thursday, October 5, 2017

Hammerhead, The Bold and the Beautiful Meets Re-Animator

Hunter Tylo is a courageous actress best known for role as a sultry beauty on the soap "The Bold and the Beautiful." When she became pregnant while starring in "Melrose Place" the beauty was told to have an abortion or be fired. She chose life. Jeffrey Combs has emerged as the greatest film mad-scientist in modern day cinema. As the demented scientist in "Re-Animator," Mr. Combs became a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. In 2005's "Hammerhead," the beauty runs head first into the monster scientist and the results will spurt a lot of blood.
Amelia grabs a shotgun
Amelia (Tylo) is the R & D director at a struggling pharmaceutical company. Dr. King (Combs) is a mad-scientist who has come up with a cure for cancer on his remote island lab.  The company sends Amelia, her BF Tom (William Forsyth), and several other employees to the island to convince King to sell them the drug. Uh oh...Amelia was engaged to King's son, Paul. Paul died five years ago of cancer (...or did he?). Double uh-oh, King is angry at Amelia and the company for firing him many years ago. Triple uh-oh, King plans on killing the team and saving Amelia to mate with his monstrous creation.  See, King has perfected the cross-species insemination and has created a hybrid man/hammerhead shark.
A bevy of mad scientists
As the film progresses we see a lot of this hammerhead monster as it kills swimmers and nubile babes. King has mated his monster with these babes who have birthed deformed and toothy mutations. Now he wants Amelia to mate with this thing.  Why Amelia? You guessed it...though I won't deliver the spoiler to you. As the team escapes Dr. King's lab, they will be hunted by the creature, man-eating plants, and flesh eating microbes (...after all, mad-scientists stay busy when not curing cancer). The team will dwindle in number, as the prettier the team member, the gorier the death. Unfortunately for Amelia, she will endure capture and a fateful reunion with her former fiance.
Paul has lunch
Limbs will be severed and fly, blood will spurt, and nubile babes will have mutant monsters explode out of their bellies...yes, "Hammerhead" is a worthwhile view. Hunter Tylo plays to the camera well, and has some very gratuitous scenes, and Jeffrey Combs is masterful as the mad-scientist. Will Amelia mate with her ex-fiance? Will a cure for cancer hit the market, even though human experimentation was key in its development? Can a mutant hybrid shark creature find love among a large sample of beautiful women? Shot in Bulgaria and directed by Michael Oblowitz, "Hammerhead" will please all of you gore-hounds.


  1. You had me at Jeffrey Combs. He was one of my favorites with Re-Animator. Of course, if you are a scientist, you will live on an island or some remote area. It is mandatory. And you will be performing batshit crazy experiments on unwilling wildlife. Good review, Christopher.

  2. While I was also had at Jeffrey Combs (and William Forsyth) the whole mating with a mutant hybrid man-shark thing was a definite deal sealer. :) Nice review as always mate, will try fit this one in this month

  3. Been lovin' Combs since Re-animator-even w/very few lines in Haunted Hill, his mad scientist is tops, and sounds like he's on top again! And Forsyth always delivers! and love monsters-tho so many modern ones actually make you miss the old 'rubber-suit' gang, but after yer review, am lookin' forward to this!