Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jason X, Friday the 13th in Space

It's the 10th one, but nowhere near the last.  2001's "Jason X."  My very favorite "Friday the 13th" film.  I know devotees of this horror franchise look at this film as heresy.  Perhaps it's the gritty realism, or the various metaphorical devices that relate to our own journeys, or perhaps sultry space babes, but for whatever reason, this film has always spoken to me.  There are those voices again.
Lexa Doig, Space Babe
In 2010, at the Crystal Lake Research Facility, the beautiful Dr. Rowan (Lexa Doig) is about to put Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) in a cryogenic sleep.  Uh oh, David Cronenberg (yep, that David Cronenberg) arrives and screws everything up.  In short, Jason escapes his binds, kills everyone and wounds Rowan.  Rowan then sends Jason and herself into cryogenic lala-land.  The world ends and we jump forward 450 years.  Both Rowan and Jason are hauled aboard a research lab space craft with lots of beautiful space babes and space hunks on board.  Rowan is thawed out and Jason is believed to be frozen beyond hope....wrong!  When awoken, Rowan implores the crew to get rid of Jason as he never dies and will always be a homicidal maniac.  They should've listened.
Adrienne still with face
A sultry doctor, Adrienne (Kristi Angus) starts examining Jason in her lab.  So sad, as the very pretty Adrienne will have her face knocked off by the returning monster.  As Jason reanimates, he goes through space babes and hunks, most of them while engaging in pre-marital sex, and a security team like crap through a goose.  Rowan teams up with a beautiful android (Lisa Ryder) and a few surviving babes and hunks to figure out how to survive the ultimate killing machine. Space weapons, virtual reality, and Rowan's spunk may not be enough to prevail, unfortunately.  Equipped with his machete, body parts will fly, and damsels will run in horror.
Space babe android
Will 25th century babes and hunks have enough wisdom and technology to defeat Jason Voorhees?  Will the well equipped android present a peculiar threat to the fiend?  Is Jason Voorhees merely a metaphor of unsolved evils of the past bubbling up in present day to continue bloody havoc?  Space ships will collide, limbs will fly, the beautiful will die horrible deaths, and Jason will wreak evil carnage.  Directed by James Isaac ( Skinwalkers  ), "Jason X" is a terrific horror/scifi film and perhaps a ominous peek into our future.

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  1. Is Jason Voorhees merely a metaphor of unsolved evils of the past bubbling up in present day to continue bloody havoc? ( I'm worried about a unified Germany, the Russians were doing us a favor) great review, I'm gunna watch it now