Saturday, November 21, 2015

Bound to Vengeance, A Bitter Justice System

The American justice system.  Not perfect.  Sometimes it seems that all the rights are in favor of rapists and murderers.  Other times, the privileged of our society are above the law, or so it seems.  The fault may not be in our system, but the fallible people who administer it, and we ourselves, for not holding them accountable.  This is part of the reason why films like "Dirty Harry" and Death Wish" are received so well by us.  Fantasy is nice.  Even us more sordid viewer will also lump "I Spit on your Grave" in that group.  Bad guys get what they deserve. Today we will meet Eve (Tina Ivlev) as we take a peek at J.M. Cravioto's  "Bound to Vengeance" which premiered earlier this year.
Pretty 21-year old Eve is abducted.  As the film begins, she has been captive for quite some time. Chained to a rotting cot in a dirty basement cell, she is no longer the bright girl with a wondrous world beckoning her.  Tortured and humiliated, Eve has plotted.  Her captor, Phil (Richard Tyson) is a major league creep, and all evil.  As he comes into the cell for Eve's feeding, BANG!  The plotting Eve conks him numerous times with a brick.  Eve gets the keys, unlocks herself, chains up Phil, and now the roles are reversed.  At first Eve thinks escape, but when she finds Polaroids of other girls, she decides to interrogate Phil.  Now in control, and slightly demented, Eve has a plan.  Phil will lead her to the other captive girls which Eve will then set free.
What could go wrong?  Phil tries to warn her that her plan will have some twisted consequences. Eve is in no mood for Phil's warning.  Fitted with a choke collar, Eve orders Phil to drive to the other houses where girls are imprisoned.  Phil's cooperation is secured at gunpoint and with a serving of some painful torture at Eve's hands.  Uh we are filled in on Eve's backstory, it is apparent that something more sinister awaits our protagonist other than captive girls.  Just who are these other girls?  What did Phil have planned for them?  What is Eve's ultimate plan for Phil?  No spoilers here but the answers to all those questions will not make "Bound to Vengeance" the feel good film of 2015. Violent, gritty, and gory....this will not be an easy film to watch.  
Eve plots a fate worse than death for Phil.  Watch the ending very closely.  You'll see what I'm talking about and then attempt to dismiss what you just saw.  However horrific this film is, the very end will stick with you in an uncomfortable manner.  Available on Netflix, see "Bound to Vengeance."

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