Friday, December 15, 2017

Animus, Unresolved Horror

You're just not the same. It happened so long ago but recovery hasn't followed. Horrific and humiliating, the sordid and bloody event from your past has left literal and emotional scars that are affecting your current state.  All you want is to be whole again. An intense desire to be the charming and fun-loving being you were before it all went south. Beware! Becoming whole again may have its pitfalls. Today we take a peek at a new horror short (26 minutes) from Meosha Bean. Directed by Ms. Bean and Markisha Fernando, "Animus."
It was horrific! When you watch "Animus," you'll know what I'm talking about. Fear not, the very skillful direction by Ms. Bean and Ms. Fernando will have you imprisoned in that car just as Jasmine (Fernando) was. The abduction by a knife wielding maniac will result in a lot of blood and memories that will never go away. By the grace of God, Jasmine survives the least physically. Now she wrestles with the awful remembrances of what happened a year ago. Uh oh, the desire to be whole again has also made Jasmine a bit vulnerable. Her desire for recovery has her taking concrete steps to be the old Jasmine. This vulnerability and desire'll see. Can her new beau Edward (Kenneth Dean)...and he is a real her?
This horror tale has a poignant message. That desire to be whole again may lead us into places we shouldn't go. We take to Jasmine and want her to be all right, which only heightens the terror that unfolds for us on the screen. A+ for all involved in the making of "Animus." For a nightmarish half hour, that may speak to your own experiences and desires, see "Animus" by clicking on this link.
Animus on YouTube


  1. Terrific review. It sounds like an interesting short. Harrowing and makes the most of its screen time.

  2. Loved It ...she is an amazing young filmmaker !!