Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lung II, Maniac Studied

Rejection...Betrayal...Humiliation...Hopelessness...Perversion...Decay...Anger...Lost...what makes a man lose it. By losing it, I mean going totally psycho. A homicidal maniac has help. Even if he is wired at birth to be a lunatic, still, there are social and personal barriers that keep him from acting out. As the once great cities around us decay and turn morose, and human contact grows weird and tortured...this Phil Stevens film may offer an answer to the aforementioned question. 2016's "Lungs II" is the second film of Mr. Stevens' trilogy...though it will turn many off, real horror fans might see its brilliance.

Something awful has just occurred. Many people have been murdered...picked apart, and partially eaten. The rampage will continue. Black and white images show us what we need to know...though Mr. Stevens manipulates how we see it and understand it by shuffling the order a bit. Fear the end credits, you'll understand. The crimes were vicious and beg many questions. Who did this? We see the homicidal lunatic and follow him through his trek into further evil. Exactly who he is is slowly revealed to us and the random words in the above paragraph will be relevant.

Our fiend (Stevens) isn't alone. Something or someone dwells inside him. References are made to some sexual perversion and heavy treatment (psychological). This cocktail seemed to fuel the fire, unfortunately. Now our lunatic takes us into a journey of brutality and hatred. Pay attention, the lunatic does more than kill...look really close for more hints from him as to what has unfolded. When the unbalanced are humiliated...well, you'll see. Perhaps our lunatic here shouldn't be considered a victim, or perhaps the whole point here is to show what will be bred if our societal norms and behaviors decay just as our cities and surroundings.

David Lynch fans may get a glimpse here of what kind of films he'd be making today if he didn't hit it big with "Twin Peaks." Dark and without humor, "Lung II" will jolt you, unless you have a weak stomach...then you won't make it to the end. For pure horror with no feel good plot devices, and steep societal warnings, see "Lung II."

To watch this film on YouTube click this link Lung II on YouTube

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  1. David Lynch reference, couldn't get into Twin Peeks, I guess it was pre internet and our choices were limited, but loved all is other movies, he was on this amazing roll!!