Friday, June 15, 2018

Guest Review: Tokyo Ghoul by Chris BFlix

I'm a colossal fan of the two season anime series released by Funimation in 2015.Groundbreaking artwork plus awesome anime action equals cult classic. Now known for its not so Naruto narrative making imitation knockoffs nauseous! The nerd in me naturally got nervous to hear news of a live action adaptation to the big screen. Was director Kentaro Hagiwara going to pull off fittings 2 seasons in to 1 movie? The answer is yes. . .
Rest easy everyone because not only did he succeed in doing so, he also surpassed fanboy expectations by a sizable margin. In a cinematic journey to get lost in he reflects on a mirror image of the manga as well as capitalizing on the true to its roots aspect. Frame for frame precision allows cgi sequences to take a life of its own. Refreshingly down to earth dialog, classy kills, grade A gore and mesmerizing makeup FX that made me forget about its animated origin. Starring Masataka Kubota best known for his role in Attack on Titan. Masataka plays (Ken Kaneki) a brainy college kid who is brutally bashful at his best when balls deep in a good book. A life altering date of fate turns Ken into half man half Ghoul.
The Japanese underworld is crawling with creatures disguised as people. A local coffee shop is run by a group of misfit monsters. Some are turned and most are born into the life. The band of beasts reluctantly takes in Ken exposing him to the harsh reality of their ways. Meanwhile a task force is spawned to pursue and bring down ghouls. Heading up the CCS is a good cop bad cop duo. The rookie by the book and the get it done by any means vet. Its kill or be killed especially when it comes to this epidemic. a fight for what is right weather its human life or ones that go bump in the night. Our lead character goes from bookworm to badass all the while capitalizing on his new found abilities. As relationships form character growth is taken to unpredictable heights!!! How will Kaneki and a new found hunger for human flesh make him a better person? Well let's just say a social pecking order puts Ken at the top of the food chain.(so to speak lol)

 I'm @chrisbflix a new guest of the emporium thanks for reading.

Chris Bflix is a buddy, and neighbor of mine. He is a movie maker and soon will complete his slasher epic “Bobby Box-cutter.”

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  1. Very cool review, from Book Worm to Ninja flesh eater, gotta love these epic struggles between the human and the 'other' world, I'll be checking out thise series. What was that? Just a bump in the night. It had to be a wombat. Great review, keep it up!