Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snake With a Human Tail, not from Italy...but Fulci-esque

The most uncomfortable Lucio Fulci film is 1972's "Don't Torture a Duckling."  The beautiful heroine, in this film, desires sex with little boys....and she's the good guy!  Our film (short) today is a short (31 minutes) made by Spencer Gray, "Snake With a Human Tail."  Mr. Gray delivers a most uncomfortable story, which might have been labeled gratuitous and obscene in the 1990s, but with the church molestation scandals of the last decade, this film is relevant and interesting.  Fans of Lucio me....will key on the razor and thick red blood....and a plot that causes us to squirm.
The plot (without giving too much away):  Father Fulci (Marv Blauvelt) is undergoing court ordered therapy for molestation.  Our priest is "confessing" all to Dr. Bloom (Billy Blair).  Our good doctor patiently leads Fulci through a description of the molestation, and Fulci's philosophies.  The ick factor is maximized here.  Also, a prostitute, Karma (Sheri Davis) is at a diner with her lover, Kennedy (Melina Lyon).  Karma has problems and Kennedy is worried about her.  Karma services Fulci, and Fulci likes to cut her up, and humiliate her.  Karma calms Kennedy by assuring her that she feels no pain.
Also introduced in the plot, by flashback, is a little boy named Henry.  Fulci has fond memories of this boy, who Fulci molested many years ago...while he romanced Henry's transgender mother.  Are Bloom's treatments helping Fulci? Yeah right!  Fulci emerges, not only as a pervert, but a violent murderer straight out of a Fulci movie.  All of the above mentioned plot devices are on a collision course, and will meet in bloody fashion.  Seedy and dark, one must remember the plot of "Snake With a Human Tail" is all too real for many of the molestation victims we've heard about over the past several years.
Mr. Gray's direction keeps the entire film intense and uncomfortable...appropriate for this plot.  Mr. Blauvelt and Ms. Davis take on incredibly difficult roles, and excel.  The portrayals of these characters in "Snake With a Human Tail" could not merely be mailed in. The actors here needed to put their all into their parts.  You'll need a shower after watching this film, but one may call this production a voice for so many victims who will never be heard. 

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